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Upark belonging to Xiamen Meihao Chuxing Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd., is a leading developer and manufacturer of automatic retractable bollards with the Headquarters in Xiamen,China. With the goal of bringing quality and durable products on the market, Upark has been developing retractable bollards and access control system since 2015.

From the beginning, Upark and Xiamen Meihao Chuxing Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd. have always been believing in and operating as the principle – Quality is always a priority, Technology is always the first. After more than 5 years of practices, development and innovations, Upark has been specialized in developing and manufacturing intelligent automatic retractable bollards and systems and become famous in the field of its products...

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Did you know that that ram-raid attacks on ATMs increase by 22% each year?
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