Under the influence of the global epidemic, what will happen to the security market in the future?

Time:2020-07-17 From:upark

Globally, under the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic, economic development has been severely affected, and the economies of most countries and regions are skewed. At the same time, the income of residents is also distorted, and society is prominent. Demonstrations  have appeared in many countries and regions, and the security policy is not optimistic.


In the United States, there have been many incidents of cars crashing into pedestrians. How to manage people flow and vehicles more effectively and ensure the safety of pedestrians has become increasingly important.


Installing intelligent automatic bollard in certain areas can solve this problem well. When a certain intersection can only allow pedestrians to pass, but does not allow vehicles to pass through, the automatic bollard can be raised to block the vehicle from the pedestrians. When the vehicle is allowed to travel together, it can ensure the stability of the traffic flow.



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