Upark story-The 20th China International Investment and Trade Fair

Time:2020-06-29 From:upark


The 20th China International  Investment and Trade Fair in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center on Sept. 8.Over the past 20 years and more, the International  Investment and Trade Fair has grown into one of the most influential international investment fairs in the world, making a positive contribution to China's reform and opening up and socialist modernization.

In this global investment and communication meeting focusing on the world, UPARK, as a leading domestic supplier of perimeter entrance and exit control and solution, was invited to participate in the exhibition, along with the newly developed bollard products.Entered talent Project Capital Cooperation Exhibition (Booth No. : C100).

In this exhibition, UPARK showed the latest intelligent bollard series products to the world and attracted great attention.It is well known that the core of the application of bollards is access control and anti-terrorist interception.When UPARK intelligent bollard is applied to urban traffic passage control, it can intelligently and effectively manage the passage to ensure the safety order of vehicles and reduce management costs and safety risks.When UPARK intelligent bollard is applied to places with high security level, it can effectively deal with various emergencies and daily high security control, and effectively control and block the safety of government, prison, army, airport and nuclear power plant.


Through technological innovation, UPARK UPARK intelligent bollard has successively obtained a number of advanced technical patents. Combined with UPARK's mature technology and control experience and ability in the inlet and outlet pipe, it can complete the deployment of defense and carry out effective interception in a short time when vehicles are forced to enter the control area, so as to avoid accidents.

The biggest advantage of UPARK Anti-collision bollard is that it adopts a safety voltage lower than 36V, has a strong anti-collision function and strong dustproof and waterproof performance, overcomes the disadvantage of poor anti-collision ability of electric telescopic door, can effectively prevent and deal with the occurrence of driving collision attacks, and greatly guarantee the safety of pedestrians.   

UPARK has invested a large amount of research and development expenses every year, continuously increased the exploration of basic research and cutting-edge technology, and achieved technical breakthroughs in various aspects such as collision resistance and protection level, which made the company grow into a leader in the road pile industry and also marked the improvement of the technical research and development level of road pile security products to a new stage.


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